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Manush (2023) Hindi Dubbed in Google Drive

Manush (2023) Hindi Dubbed in Google Drive

Manush (2023) Hindi Dubbed in Google Drive

Jeetz Filmworks presents 'Manush,' a gripping narrative that delves into the abyss of humanity, exploring the dichotomy of a man torn between his righteous existence and the dire straits that demand a darker persona.

The film, adapted from the Bengali original, introduces Arjun Chakraborty (Jeet), a principled officer serving the Narcotics Control Bureau. His unwavering commitment to justice faces a seismic shift when circumstances coerce him into assuming the guise of Victor (Jeet), a notorious drug lord, all in a desperate bid to safeguard his only daughter, Ayanna Chatterjee, from imminent peril.

Sanjoy Somadder weaves a storyline that echoes familiar themes but struggles to sustain a unique impact. The screenplay intermittently captivates, lacking resonance with Hindi cinema audiences due to relatively unfamiliar faces within the ensemble cast. The dialogues, though serviceable, fail to soar.

Jeet's portrayal in the dual role is a standout. His embodiment of Arjun Chakraborty, the NCB officer, brims with conviction, while his transformation into the enigmatic Victor is compelling. Saurav Chakravarti's depiction of the primary antagonist is commendable, and Ayanna Chatterjee shines as Arjun's daughter. Susmita Chatterjee delivers robust support as Arjun's wife, while Jeetu Kamal and Bidya Sinha Saha Mim leave their mark in their respective roles.

Somadder's direction maintains a steady course, though not groundbreaking. The musical compositions by Savvy, Aneek Dhar, and Ahmed Humayun, accompanied by evocative lyrics from Shloke Lal, Prashant Ingole, and Panchhi Jalonvi, add depth to the narrative. Imran Sardhariya's choreography serves its purpose, while Anbu Selvan's background score significantly enhances the film's emotive impact.

The cinematography by Prosenjit Chowdhury captures the essence of the tale competently. Ravi Varma's action sequences ignite the screen with intensity and thrill, complemented by Ranajit Ghoroi's art direction. However, Malay Laha's editing falls short in sustaining the film's pace, warranting a tighter execution. The dubbing, though adequate, could benefit from refinement.

'Manush' traverses the shadows of morality, showcasing the precarious choices one faces in dire circumstances. While it falters in parts, the film's thematic depth and Jeet's compelling performance elevate it, offering a contemplative exploration of human complexities amidst moral dilemmas. manush jeet full movie download
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